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Simple Search

In order to place a search request please enter a keyword. Then press return or click on the button "Search". The content of the files will be searched.

Search for other Information e.g. in files

In order to search information different from the file content please enter:

Keyword: "Example"
for example: author:"Dr. Mabuse"

If your keyword only is composed of only one word you can omit the quotation marks.
The following keywords can be used:

contentsfile content, does not have to be entered
pathfile path (only files in archives: path of the archive)
entrynameonly files in archives: Name of the stored file, otherwise blank
sizefile size
modifiedmodification date
contenttypeMIME type e.g. application/pdf

Search by Wildcards

You can replace one or more caharacters in your keyword by wildcards: "?" covers exactly one character, "*" covers more characters. Wildcards are not allowed to stand at the beginning of the keyword.
Example: author:M??er finds Meier, Maier, Meyer and Mayer as Author.

Fuzzy Search

If you want to have executed a fuzzy search enter a tilde ("~") at the end of the keyword (only one word allowed). Example: book~ finds "look" also.

Search with boolean Operators

Keywords can be linked by boolean operators.

ANDall keywords have to be fulfilled
ORone out of several keywords has to be fulfilled
NOTlogical invert of one condition
+one keyword has to be existent
-one keyword is not allowed to be existent